Thursday, December 19, 2013

**Bleep** A Duck

Political correctness is at it again!  This time, its in the form of manufactured outrage over the simple words of a reality TV star, that happens to be somewhat of a backwoods hick.  Now, I say that with complete reverence, as I am a God fearing, gun shooting man myself.

There are a few things going on here.  First, we have a protected group of people that have infiltrated many of our media outlets and Hollywood, so it seems that when they are outraged, that the outrage is much greater than it really is.  I suspect GLAAD actually speaks for about 2% of Americans, including those that may be homosexual.

This manifests itself in events like what we are seeing now with Duck Dynasty and A&E.  A&E mistakenly believes a larger majority of people are offended than really are, and makes a rash decision.  It is my belief that they will eventually apologize to Phil and have him back on the show even if that decision is financial rather than moral.

Millions of Americans feel the same way Phil does.  We do not hate gays or lesbians.  Many, like myself, have family and friends that are gay;  we invite them to our homes, share dinner, stories, and laughs.  We love them, even though we may not agree with their lifestyle.  Like Phil, we leave it up to God to judge.

The bigger lesson here is the socialists still win and their agenda steams forward.  Who is going to take a public stance for Christianity and traditional American values if the result is losing your job and being publicly discredited?  Average Joe's and Jane's do not have successful reality shows with millions of fans, nor the money to mount a legal defense if we are unjustly treated.   So, we sit back and shut up, cowering in the fear of political correctness; remembering what happened to that bearded guy that hunted ducks when he spoke about God.

Eventually, the minority appears to be the majority, and the majority is too scared to fight back.  By the time the muster to fight back is awakened, it is too late.  By then, we will have lost the means to speak out or fight back against an all powerful State that has systematically suffocated the freedom to think any other way except how we are told to think.

I do not have any advice on how to change this.  Children are being taught PC from a very early age that we must accept all other cultures except Christianity and any other values except traditional American ones.  The Republic is in a precarious place.  One thing is for certain;  the current political winds empower this type of behavior and if there is any hope of changing it, we have to start in DC.

God Bless America.

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  1. Just came across this blog post. Love it!! You put into words exactly how I have been feeling lately. So tired of the PC crap. This has become a nation/world of pansies, in my opinion.