Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Made in America

There will be alot of hand wringing in the coming months as we try to digest the horrific tragedy in CT. I have my own theories on what happened, but this blog post is not the place to discuss them. Instead, I want to remind Americans on some common sense steps they can take to protect themselves when they are in public in this crazy world we live in.

 -When entering a public place, always observe the entrances and exits and conjure up a quick plan on how you would get out if something bad happened. Do it a few times, and it becomes second nature.

 -When possible, do not sit in a restaurant or theater with your back to the door. Always have a clear view of the entire room when possible.

 -Mass shootings are usually over in seconds. Do not cower and wait for rescue. Run, fight, flee! It is extremely hard to hit a moving target. Your best chance to survive is to run. Teach your kids this. Do not teach them to cower and wait to be slaughtered. We have become a nation of sheep that have been conditioned to cower and wait to be rescued. This does not work.

 I am no expert and this is not professional advice. These are the common sense words of someone who loves this country and is tired of the death and destruction around us. God Bless this country.