Monday, April 5, 2010

A Tail of Two Mutts - Roscoe vs. Obama

My Rottweiler understands the theory of protecting ones property. Between his cute, velvet ears and his pudgy face, there is a complex brain that through years of evolution understands the basic premise of self defense.

My Rott doesn't want to hurt anyone. He is like a big baby, who loves attention and treats. He does realize, however, that there are some bad people in the world that would not think twice about doing his family harm. Therefore, he has implemented a simple, yet effective protection plan that thus far has been very effective.

His first line of defense is a deep, loud bark. If someone he doesn't like comes too close to our yard, he barks and throws himself against the fence. His second line of defense, if you are stupid enough to get into our backyard, is a strong bite, sharp teeth, and the muscles to use them. Thankfully, his loud bark and size has been enough so far. If you happen to get in our backyard and survive Roscoe, his owner will be waiting with a large and menacing gun. A simple, yet effective security plan.

Unfortunately for America, Obama is not as smart as Roscoe. In attempt to denigrate and run down this once great nation, Obama announced today that he would not use nuclear weapons even if America was attacked first. Instead of being the big bad Rottweiler on the block, Obama again cowers in front of the world like a scared ferret. And once again, America's enemies are emboldened to try their dangerous shenanigans without fear of reprisal from the worst President in our history.

I was never one of those that though Obama was naive. I knew from day one he was out to destroy this great nation. What better way to punish America for its perceived sins than to weaken it to a mere shell of its once great self. A US consulate attacked in Pakistan; no response. Lob a nuke into the middle of New York; lets understand what we did to deserve this instead of striking back with great force.

Our nuclear program was once this great nations Rottweiler. We didn't want to use it, but by God, we would if we had to. Those days are gone, as long as Obama is in power. Our only hope now is that the next guy in charge can undo the serious damage already done.

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