Thursday, August 13, 2009

Infighting Damages Conservatives

By Patriot Byte

On an episode of my favorite show, The Sopranos, Tony Soprano tells a story to his psychiatrist about a kid he grew up with that had a cleft palette that they hung around, just because he allowed Tony and his friends to make fun of him.

Tony goes on to tell his psychiatrist that he had recently felt the same way while playing golf with a few of his neighbors. Because of his involvement in the mafia, Tony felt that his neighbors invited him around just for the novelty of having like him around to poke fun at and use for their entertainment. Tony realizes that he is getting the same treatment that he once gave to the kid with the cleft palette, and is hurt by it.

In liberal and “elite” circles, conservatives are often treated the same way. We are looked at and laughed at, and if we are invited around, we are often the targets of snide comments and ridicule. As a conservative talk show host and blogger, I have experienced this first hand. While I expect it from liberals, I am dismayed when it comes from my own side.

J.R. Dunn’s article yesterday in American Thinker was an example of the infighting and ridicule that plagues the conservative movement. I have seen it with my radio colleagues, when I have been called a nut job for not vehemently denouncing late term abortionist George Tillers murder. I was called “stupid” for pointing out that Obama was caught staring at a 16 year old girl’s posterior. And, as a person that has serious questions about Obama’s legitimacy as a natural born citizen, I was marginalized yesterday in J.R. Dunn’s article at American Thinker.

What conservatives need to understand is that liberals will ridicule us no matter what our beliefs may be. They use the divide and conquer methodology, and many so-called conservatives play right into it. Conservatives need to realize that we are at war for our country’s very existence as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. This is a very serious fight. Many hundreds of thousands of men and women have died to preserve those words, EXACTLY as they are written. One of the most important set of words is our Founding Father’s requirements that the President of this great nation must be a natural born citizen.

Obama could end the debate right now. He could produce historical records and a long form birth certificate to quell the debate. Conservatives could then move on to something else. I liken this argument to that of a teenager with a bad report card. As a teenager, when I had a great report card, I was happy, willing, and eager to share it with my parents.

Often, I would rush home from school and display it proudly. However, when I had a grade that I knew would be unacceptable to my parents, I engaged in different behavior. First of all, I would hope that my parents would forget it was report card time. Secondly, I would delay showing the report card for as long as possible. When my parents would become angry, and demand to see it, I would attempt to marginalize them with typical teenage vernacular such as “you don’t trust me”, “take my word for it”. I did this knowing that if I admitted the truth or showed proof, I would be punished. I didn’t have a million dollars to assist me in hiding my records from my parents (not that they would be bought off anyways), but I can assure you that this correlation is valid to the current birth certificate issue with our President.

Conservatives need to unite in this fight against Marxism that is being waged against this great country from the highest office in the land. If we don’t, these Chicago thugs will pick us off one by one. A great example of this is the failure of others in Talk Radio to defend talk show host Michael Savage. He has been banned in Britain and there have been very few that have come to his defense. Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin; it is time for you all to speak up for him, or you surely will be the next one under attack.

When Obama is photographed obviously gawking at a young girls body parts, go after him. There could be one democrat soccer mom that sees that picture and is disgusted enough to drop her support for Obama. We need everyone we can get, regardless on how we do it.

If someone questions Obama’s birth certificate legitimacy, don’t ridicule them. It is a legitimate concern held by many Americans throughout this country. Level headed, hard working, American Thinkers. Obama is hiding something, as sure as you hid that bad report card from your parents. J.R. was right on one point. We need to humiliate Obama. We need Marxism to be undermined and exposed. However, it is a serious error to think that any of this will happen without a full frontal, unified assault from conservatives.

Patriot Byte is an occasional writer for American Thinker and also has a weekly conservative radio show on Tuesday’s @ 6PM EST.