Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Response to Joan Walsh ( on O'Reilley Factor

Joan Walsh was on the O'Reilley Factor last night to defend late term abortionist Dr. Tiller. I posted a comment to her story on This is what I wrote:

I'm not usually a fan of Bill O'Reilley because he is too much of a centrist, but he was right on point last night and you were owned, Joan Walsh.

As a TRUE Catholic, I am insulted that you would even bring up your Catholicism on national TV. You do not even resemble anything close to a Catholic by your unwavering support for that murderer Tiller.

What he did was vile and anyone that lacks the conscience to understand that is a despicable human being. What is with you so called feminists and your obsession with killing babies? People like you would fit right into Mao, Stalin, or Hitlers administration.

You people have the gumption to do whatever is necessary for your political cause. You are not the first. Nazi's were cut from your same cloth. Just ask the Jews that were sent to the death camp. That was "lawful" in Nazi Germany.

The innocent babies slaughtered by Tiller met the same fate. They just didn't have to make the trip to Auschwitz in the cattle car.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Feminism Re-defined is still Feminism

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Tabitha Hale at the had an article yesterday on her decision to embrace the word "feminism" due to the suggestion of some of her readers that she is a true feminist. This is what she wrote:

Someone called me a “true feminist” last week in response to my articles regarding Playboy and Guy Cimbalo. At first, I was slightly taken back. Feminists generally don’t like me very much. It’s not a crowd I’ve ever considered running with. It did, however, make me think. What is a feminist? In my mind, it’s someone who embraces women for what they are. Someone who denounces gender rooted hate speech, no matter WHO it’s against. Who doesn’t believe that they need to be legislated into equality, but knows that they are already there. We were created equal to men, and yet we have different strengths – those strengths should be celebrated, not squashed in an attempt to be the same. We are NOT the same. Personally, I love being a woman, and I love the qualities that I have that make me different from a man. I don’t see that as backwards or anti-woman. It is, in fact, just the opposite. I am not a victim of my gender; I enjoy it.

So if that makes me a feminist, than I am a feminist.

I agree with the pinkelephantpundit's premise. However, I thnk it is a huge mistake for conservative women in our party to accept the "feminist" monkier. The fact is, the word "feminist" has many negative connotations attached to it and it is time to start defining our party and our people with our own terms. Trying to embrace leftist terms did not get us very far in last year's election.

All that we got was a ticket full of RINO's and Barack Hussein Obama as president.

This isn't the first time the pinkelephantpundit has done something like this. Not too long ago, she called many conservatives "nutjobs" for not falling all over ourselves and condemning Tiller's murder. Most of us, including myself, did not condone the murder, but realize what Tiller was and that the unborn is safer without him.

If being a smart girl in politics is what the pinkelephantpundit really wants, its time for her to re-examine her core beliefs and stop trying to appease the left. Conservative women do not want feminism attached to their names no matter how it is redefined. Semantics are everything and there are loaded words out there the Right can do without. I have a Twitter poll on this topic inbound, and we'll discuss on Tuesday's show.