Friday, May 15, 2009

Americans Largely Silent as Their Country Systematically Destroyed

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Excerpt from article:

The folks currently in charge of the nation don’t like anything at all about the nation that once was. They have a very different vision for America, one based on redistribution of free-stuff, not equal access to freedom.

At the foundation of personal freedom is the right to make your own decisions, invest and risk your own capital, own your own property and keep that which you are willing to work and sacrifice to earn. It’s called economic freedom, aka capitalism.

But capitalism is public enemy #1 in America today, thanks to decades of class warfare and the art of division via social envy, all for purpose of political gain.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Notre Dame Seniors Refuse to Attend Obama Graduation

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Catholics across the country should be standing together on this issue. Obama is no friend to the Catholic faith. He stands for everything that we are against. Notre Dame alumni should cut off all donations to this school unless they cancel Obama's commencement address.

Catholics everywhere should cut off money to their churches until people like Pelosi and Biden are DENIED communion. Send the message with your wallet. Stand up for Catholicism or the money flow ends. We don't need our religon to abandon our core beliefs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama's Lack of Morality on Display at Correspondence Dinner

by Mark Moran

When I was growing up, my parents taught me that you should never wish death on anyone. To do so was morally wrong, not to mention in bad taste.

Apparently, while Obama's mom was sifting through her long list of men that she had children with, she failed to pass this memo on to her son.

The joke last night by so-called comedian Wanda Sykes about wishing death on Rush Limbaugh, and Obama's unmitigated laughter was proof of his upbringing. He is tasteless, classless, and morally deficient. If he was a true leader, he would have gotten up and repudiated what Sykes said. However, this is a man that supports infantcide and terrorist Bill Ayers, so it is wrong to set our standards too high.

We have now reached the point where we have to question the validity of this man holding office. The people that were duped into voting for him need to realize they made an egregious error, and we need to begin the steps to correct this. I think a serious discussion needs to begin about impeachment.

Obama is an insult to people anywhere that have a shred of decency inside them, and it is clear he does not have the moral compass to lead this nation. The chickens ARE coming home to roost, and we will not recognize our country in four years unless we start dealing with this Imposter in Chief now.

UPDATE: Wanda Sykes has new Late Night show on FOX Fall 2009. I am calling for conservatives to demand that FOX pull/boycott the show for her hateful comments about Rush. If she apologizes, I will call for an end to the boycott.