Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birds of a Feather....

Hey America! How are you liking this hope and change now? 10 months into an Obama presidency, and this country is slipping slowly into the hell of tyranny. Be vigilant America. Throughout history, the men that brought the most harm started out with "good intentions."

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  1. hell of tyranny? the only things that have changed are more unemployment and government spending during a recession. and this has been going on before obama came into office. I wonder why nobody called Bush a tyrant after he gave the country a massive record deficit with his relentless war spending. Not to mention the deregulations of financial institutions. Why don't you blame them? Do you actually think the bailout was unnecessary? What exactly would happen if we didn't bail out the banks?

    the people we should be outraged about are the CEOs who took our money and job.