Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama's Terrorist Reward Plan

by Patriot Byte

World terrorists can sleep a little easier tonight. Thanks to President Obama, if you are incarcerated at Club Gitmo, or kill 180 Americans over Lockerbie Scotland ,there is a good chance that you will be freed.

Just ask Libyan terrorist Abdel Al-Megahri. Because of no pressure from this US President, Scotland released the Lockerbie bomber this week, so he could go home and rest comfortably while he suffers from prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, his victims did not get the same treatment and consideration. His victims had to writhe in pain and horror while their plane exploded around them and they were burned alive from jet fuel. Many of his victims were innocent American schoolkids.

We all know Obama is a level below a socialist, Muslim loving, Alinsky bowing thug. But even this should give pause to those that gave him a pass before.

I am willing to bet that under a President like Ronald Reagan or George Bush, this would have never happened. Under those President's, America came first. Under Obama, its terrorists first. Welcome to the new America. Perhaps Obama will appoint Khalid Shaikh Mohammad as the new Muslim Relations Czar. After all, in Obama's eyes, we are the great Satan and deserve what we get.

At least that is what his actions say.

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  1. Obama and his politics of forgiveness have weakened us to the point that even France thinks we are going soft.When I joined the Military under Bush sr. it was an honor to fight for this country now you are just cannon fodder for Obamas terrorists friends