Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Real "Iranian Lesson"

by Patriot Byte

We have learned alot of things during the past week about Iran. Our heart goes out to the people of Iran and their suffering. However, there are important lessons that we can take from this international incident and use them to preserve our own freedom here in America.

The first lesson is that we must never give up our guns. No matter what laws are passed, or what we are threatened with, we must keep our guns by any means necessary. We cannot register them even if a law is passed that requires it. Laws do not equate with moral righteousness. There are some laws that are necessary to disobey.

We have seen the result of gun confiscation throughout history, and we are getting a refresher course with the events in Iran.

Protest - Guns + Tyrannical Regime = Death for citizens.

I can't make it any clearer. There is a reason dictators do not want citizens to be armed. The above equation makes it clear to even the dumbest graduate of American Public Schools.

The second lesson is that their are evil people throughout the world. The USA is not immune to this scourge, and we must be vigilant. Obama has telegraphed the precursors of evil intentions. Cap and Trade, Socialized medicine, "green energy" are all issues that serve no purpose other than to enslave Americans. Obama is not "inexperienced", "unqualified", or "ignorant". He is cold and calculated. We must fight everything that he puts in front of us with everything we have.

Iran has resorted to the color green to symbolize their freedom. The USA has red, white, and blue. Lets keep it that way.


  1. You are 100% correct, and the right to bear arms is paramount to protecting our freedoms. I agree with the last points here too....we are witnessing a coup over our government by folks that wish to dismantle our freedoms.

  2. Great Post. Could not agree more......

    Fingers Malloy

  3. As someone who did graduate from the American public schools. I know which of those words get capitalized (and many others here).

    If I understand what you are saying re unregistered weapons you are 1) advocating a crime and 2) implying the Obama admin is trying to "take away our guns."

    The same sort of falsehoods where embraced by the cop shooter in Philly & the Holocaust shooter in DC. As a blogger and supposed (or at least wannabe) pundit shouldn't you be more responsible?

    You'll see I am not saying anything about your free speech so feel free to discuss what I actually said vs. the standard talking points.


  4. IGMR, if you want to use the "advocating crime argument", then look at your own liberal folks first. Sanctuary Cities are the liberal version of not following the law.

    You are obviously a schmuck that has no idea about history or anything else except what the left has brainwashed you with. Don't worry though. When the Obama brownshirts come for you, people like me will still stand up for you.

  5. Wow, right to the ad hominem & conspiracy theories. Glad I didn't overestimate you. Oh wait, I did. Enjoy your bubble. When I give enough of a shit about people like you to insult you you'll be the first to know.

    Stay in school kids!

    (I'd invite you on my show tomorrow but you clearly already showed me your best thinking)

    When the Obama brownshirts DO come I'll be sure to come here and thank you for being the guy who warned me LOL. Oh, And "cities" would be lowercase. Guess they didn't teach you that in private school.

    Carry on.

  6. I'd invite you on my show, but if my listeners wanted to hear a liberal schmuck, they could tune into the ABC Obama infomercial.

    Lenin referred to people like you as "Useful Idiots". I bet you would make him proud.

  7. I bet Lenin didn't capitalize that. I guess you need to be an un-useful idiot. I learn so much here, I must be the first communist small business owner EVER.

    As far as "radio" goes, you probably think you are on it.

    Who knows if you keep begging some more people might actually post here. Don't worry it isn't socialism, in your case it's straight-up CHARITY.

    I'll be sure to check out your show if I need a good laugh or something to remix. Anyone who want's to know why the right is failing so miserably in the US can just read your material... Von Brunn's "suicide" message was more convincing.