Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Michael Savage Banned from England - Ignorance or Something More Sinister?


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I believe what we are seeing here is a backdoor attack from the Obama administration on conservative talk radio. With this announcement from Britain, Obama and his minions will seek to further demonize right wing talk show hosts in America, and use the premise that they have been declared "hate speech" in the global community, ie. the UK.

We must all unite behind Michael Savage. I have listened to him for over 10 years, and he has never incited violence or hate. He is a decent, intelligent, and articulate man that expresses the views that I carry and the views of millions of Americans. He is the 3rd most popular show in the nation.

All you smug liberals who think that Savage is getting what he deserves, remember one thing; YOU will be next. Once Obama is done using you for his own advantage, you will end up in the gulag yourselves. Wake up you dope smoking bums in the MSM. Are you that stupid?


  1. I don't agree with Savage being banned.

    However, Savage is no friend of free speech. Despite Savage painting himself as a champion of free speech, he is anything but. He took the organisation CAIR to court to prevent them from using snippets of his show on their website. He lost. However, had Savage prevailed, free speech would have lessened for us all. See:



  2. Tony, you are very mistaken. Savage took CAIR to court because they used snippets from his show as slander. They used comments out of context to further their extreme Islamic agenda. Savage is a true patriot. CAIR is not.

  3. Michael Savage is banned from England! Using its same freedom-hating standards, Britain should now ban from its shores that "hate-fostering extremist" known as Jesus - and of course also ban the Queen since she is officially the "Defender of the Faith" that Jesus started!