Friday, May 15, 2009

Americans Largely Silent as Their Country Systematically Destroyed

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Excerpt from article:

The folks currently in charge of the nation don’t like anything at all about the nation that once was. They have a very different vision for America, one based on redistribution of free-stuff, not equal access to freedom.

At the foundation of personal freedom is the right to make your own decisions, invest and risk your own capital, own your own property and keep that which you are willing to work and sacrifice to earn. It’s called economic freedom, aka capitalism.

But capitalism is public enemy #1 in America today, thanks to decades of class warfare and the art of division via social envy, all for purpose of political gain.


  1. The old way of doing things is simply out dated. It's old. Ancient. And some may even say "racist"! But electing a president who is young and cool and hip. Heck! That's gott'a count for something. Right?

    I mean, just because capitalism has worked for a couple hundred years, doesn't make it right.
    It's not fair for those who, simply choose not to work hard. Or work at all.

    So, let's change what works, and settle for something that will "evenly distribute" the wealth? Yeah, make's sense..

    But boy, he looks really cool getting out of a limo wearing his shades. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

  2. The Obama Budget; the quest to seek-out and expunge 0.003%(3 one-thousandths of 1 percent)of said budget; the absolutely stunning hypocrisy of Obama’s reflection of our indebtedness to China; and the varying Chronicles of our Pathological Liar-of-the-House, appear indicative we’re about to enter the envelope of a flat-spin stall.

    Classify this as the first real shot-across-the-bow: Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar