Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Silent Majority

By Mark Moran

There is a common misconception among conservatives that is hurting our party and more importantly, the well being and longevity of our country’s founding ideals. Many conservatives today subscribe to the notion that we should keep our beliefs to ourselves unless we are with other conservatives. This line of thinking is very harmful to our country and our way of life. We have a responsibility to our country and the Founding Fathers to continue to put forth the ideals that have rewarded this country with its greatness.

Our ideals and beliefs are under constant attack from the left. They have taken our positions and lampooned them, minimized them, and mocked them. We respond by remaining quiet and afraid to defend ourselves. There are many reasons that we have morphed into this silent majority. One of the reasons is political correctness and the fear of being labeled as a racist or a homophobic, as Miss California Carrie Prejean recently was for her comments against gay marriage.

Moshe Dyan once said, “If you want to make peace you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” Although this quote should be the battle cry for the conservative mantra, many people are unsure on how to accomplish this. Political discussions can often become heated and bring ill will between friends. Is a political argument even worth it? Of course it is. Your children and grandchildren’s future freedom depend on our ability to stand up for your beliefs right now.

First and foremost, pick up Mark Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny and read it from cover to cover. Mark Levin did the homework for today’s conservative. He has articulated our arguments into simple, easy to understand words that explore a variety of issues that the modern conservative should be concerned with. Once armed with this knowledge, it is time to confront the statist.

The primary objective when confronting the statist should not be to change their minds 180 degrees. Doing so will be an exercise in frustration and will quickly lead you to political burnout. Rather, we should strive to lessen the statists objections. We can do this by appealing to their common sense and not their emotions. For example, when the statist says that they support national healthcare, ask them some opened ended questions that will get them to think.

For example, Joe Statist says, “It is the government’s responsibility to provide health care to all its citizens.” A proper response from Joe RedState is as follows: “I agree that health care is important, but I have researched socialist health care in other nations and I am afraid that if I had a serious illness, I wouldntt be able to get the early treatment needed due to waiting lists.” Another powerful argument is, “Right now, we have the best and brightest doctors in America. I am afraid that if government is put in charge of paying them, we may lose a lot of good doctors to other professions because they won’t be able to earn as much.”

These are both non-confrontational arguments that should not provoke a hostile response, but it will get your opponent thinking. Watch the person’s body language and response. Do they cross their arms and look standoffish, or do they give you small signs of agreement? Use these clues to figure out how to move forward on the inroads that you just made.

Many times, the statist will become hostile. While arguments are never comfortable, it is important not to give in and concede defeat. Doing so hurts the cause; remember it is every conservative’s duty to ensure the Founding Father’s ideals are protected.

Most modern statists are that way because of emotional reasons. Statists often depend on the MSM for their news, and are not educated to the real objectives of the current administration. They do not realize that grandma will not get a hip replacement under socialized health care because she is too old. They do not realize that amnesty for illegals is only being done to solidify a statist voting block. They are uniformed, and that is very dangerous to freedom. Lenin had a word for these people. The term is useful idiots, and today’s MSM and average liberal fit the bill.

With today’s flip of Arlen Specter to the democrats, we are in danger of a legislative branch that is filibuster proof. Without educating those around us, we could be in grave danger of losing this country for good. It is a frightening prospect that was foreseen by Ayn Rand and George Orwell. America’s forefathers suffered greatly to create the Republic we have today. It is time for regular Americans to put aside their laziness and apathy and continue the fight.

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