Friday, April 10, 2009

Huge Telecom Outage in Northern CA - Fiber Optic Cable Cut

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Did anyone hear about the huge power outage in the San Francisco Bay Area yesterday? They have admitted it was sabotage, but they are failing to link it to terrorism. A main Fiber Optic cable was cut, disabling hundreds of thousands of people near San Jose, CA. 911 calls were unable to get through. Businesses closed. ATM's stopped functioning. These Fiber Optic lines were accessed through a manhole cover.

If this was in fact a test for a future attack, America will be brought to her knees if this is done on a country-wide basis. We will be placed under martial law. I do not have any advice on how to stop this. You can bet the Obama administration will deny that this is done by Islamic terrorists. Keep some food and water stocked up in your home. Work with neighbors to build a support network. Remain vigilant, America.

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