Thursday, April 23, 2009

French Leftists Threaten Revolution - A USA Preview?

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by Mark Moran

Striking electrical workers in France are turning to any means necessary to back up their demands for a ten percent pay raise; including vandalism and tampering with the French power grid. Many French fear riots and revolution if this doesn't get resolved soon.

What does this have in common with the US? We have a community agitator in power that subscribes to this same type of anarchy to push his goals, although he will not overtly admit it.

It is not a stretch to think that ACORN and the union thugs will do the same as their French counterparts. They feel empowered by an administration that is strongly supported by union thugs, and who is headed by an Alinsky trained radical.

Your author is an ex union member, and I can state many instances where I was forced to perform union thuggery against non union contractors under the guise of "doing political work towards my apprenticeship". When the battle for card check hits the Senate and House, they will pull every trick they can out of their sleeve. And like France, if the USA doesn't stop these union thugs, we will be in the dark too.

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