Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Countering Obama's Reality

by Mark Moran

We are closing in on the first 60 days of BHO's "historic" presidency, and already we have learned a lot about this man who was to bring us Hope and Change. The pundits and media figure heads have all debated this man's actions continuously, wondering if his actions are the result of inexperience or ignorance. After this current trip to Europe, it has become clear that his actions are a direct attempt to subvert this great country.

America is in big trouble. Our enemies are emboldened, our President is bowing to the Saudi King, and Iran is a few months away from a nuclear weapon. Israel is in danger of a another holocaust. What can average Americans do? Here is a short list:

  • Attend the nationwide Tea Parties on April 15th
  • Stock up on guns and ammo. Not only does Obama want to ban them, there are increasing signs that civil unrest may be on the horizon.
  • Connect with other conservatives via the new media: Twitter, Facebook, blogs.
  • Start educating moderate democrats on the danger Obama poses; use the old fashioned art of asking them questions about their core beliefs, and relating them to what Obama stands for.
  • Call your senators and congress critters. Let them know if they do not stand up to Obama, you will not vote for them when their term is up.
These are frightening times to be an American. Like many others, I am scared to death of losing this great country. The time to act is now. God Bless America.

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