Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Coming Storm

by Mark Moran

As the DOW dips lower, I have been frantically searching the Internet for a glimmer of good news. However, with Obama at the helm and our country on the brink all I keep finding is the bad news. On Drudge yesterday, there was a seemingly innocuous story that 50,000 people in New York City were protesting budget cuts.

As I read the story, written by CBS's Hazel Sanchez, I learned that labor groups, community agitators, and more likely than not, ACORN was out in full force. They were asking for "Fair Tax Reform", which in "Obamaspeak" means another generous handout from Joe Taxpayer. They demanded that taxpayers making over $250,000 a year accept a tax increase to support their lack of desire or inability to take care of themselves.

Wealth distribution as a general principle annoys me, but as I read more of this article, I realized how this economic downturn in America is going to get alot worse.

As the country's economy falls further down the latrine, we are going to see more and more of these protests. The poor will be protesting the rich, and the culmination of Obama's class warfare will be brought to bear. To better illustrate this, we need to go back and look at Obama's past.

The man that used to have a Che Guevara poster on his wall knows that in order to seize total power, he needs to create chaos. He is good buddies with William Ayers, a renown, unrepentant terrorist that states to this day he felt using explosives against the Federal government was justified. Like all good socialist dictators before him, and with Saul Alinsky's guide to "Socialism for Dummies" in his hands, we can expect Obama to escalate this class warfare and these protests against the "rich" to his advantage.

As the unemployment numbers rise and the stock market falls, look for more agressive media coverage of these "protests". Based on the protests we had recently in Oakland, CA against the police who shot an unarmed black man, look for these protests to turn increasingly violent. Every good socialist authoritarian needs his Reichstag, and Obama is no different. When the timing is right, this radical in the White House will use the economic chaos to force more extreme policy down the throats of Americans.


  1. Mark, stop leaving links to this paranoid, war-mongering, cigar-sucking, treasonous BS on my wife's facebook page.
    Chris Thompson

  2. Wow, how appropriate! The first comment on my blog is a vehement rant by a "tolerant" liberal. Mr. Thompson, enjoy your freedom of speech on my blog, as you will soon find out your Messiah Obama doesn't think as highly of the 1st Amendment as I, your humble host does.

  3. I'm about as intolerant as you are humble, Mark.

  4. Chris, I was a democrat once. I ran for public office as a democrat. I heard their devious plans for class warfare and power grabs in our back office political meetings. I know how you people think and the whole premise of liberalism is a lie, and the liberals know it. They cannot sell their socialist policies by being honest. Look at your 401k. Is that Hope and Change that you were promised?

  5. Direct quote from you, mark:
    " will soon find out your Messiah Obama doesn't think as highly of the 1st Amendment as I, your humble host does."

    ...why do you keep erasing my reply?
    (spectacular grammar, by the way)

  6. I keep erasing your reply because my sister asked me for a favor in not escalating this with you due to her friendship with your wife. But since you can't take a hint, here is some advice. Put down the bong, redistribute your own wealth instead of voting for someone that wants to take mine, and seek some professional help. Extreme liberalism is a mental disorder.

  7. you blindly assume that because i disagree with your tripe i must be an extreme liberal, that i voted for obama, that i smoke a bong. that i'm insane.

    your arrogance is truly funny to watch... but, alas, it is great minds like yours that have turned conservativism into the obscene caricature of itself that it is today.

    keep up the great work, man.

  8. I don't make blind assumptions, I can assure you that I did the research before I posted anything. No need to get into details though.

    Everyone is "arrogant, or war mongering, treasonous.." if they are conservative, and the critic is a liberal. You see, Chris, I live in the middle of ground zero for liberal "tolerance and understanding", in the Bay Area of CA. I am not fooled by your spin and your attempt to use ridicule and slander to avoid discussing the facts. You are just a average liberal. So sad, its almost not worth responding to you, but since I get paid when you click on this site, and I am a firm believer in capitalism, I will keep it up for that reason alone. Please also understand there is no hard feelings on my end; I don't know you well, but I know your wife and I like her alot, and if you two ever get out to CA, I will be happy to take you both out for dinner. I promise we won't discuss politics.