Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bad Boys Bad Boys Whatcha Gonna Do

America is on the verge of total societal collapse.  It is no accident;  Obama has been planning this for years.  If you want to destroy a civilization, you destroy the very thing that is holding the frayed, fragile threads of society together.  The Police.   That's right.  Without the Cops, it would be Ferguson, South Central LA in 1991, and New Orleans after Katrina all at the same time.  Chaos.  Pandemonium.  The beginning of the SHTF scenarios that Patriots have been warning about for years.

What happens when society collapses?  What happens when businesses burn, innocents are murdered, and anarchy ensues?  The majority of Americans, the "sheeple" if you will, beg for a already overpowering government to come in and take control.  Martial law.  Gun confiscation.  The end of the free republic.  Exactly what Bill Ayers promised in his early writings, and exactly what Obama feels should happen to America.

Constitutionalists like myself have our own issues with the police.  No knock raids are out of control, the militarization of the police needs to be dealt with, and we need to go back to the days where police were respected.  Is that going to happen overnight?  No.  But, with the right leadership it is possible.

We need to respect and support our cops.  Let them know that the majority of America stands with them.  There are good and bad cops just like there are good and bad in every profession.  Most of them are good!  The cops currently on public trial did no wrong.  Pray for them.  Pray for America.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

**Bleep** A Duck

Political correctness is at it again!  This time, its in the form of manufactured outrage over the simple words of a reality TV star, that happens to be somewhat of a backwoods hick.  Now, I say that with complete reverence, as I am a God fearing, gun shooting man myself.

There are a few things going on here.  First, we have a protected group of people that have infiltrated many of our media outlets and Hollywood, so it seems that when they are outraged, that the outrage is much greater than it really is.  I suspect GLAAD actually speaks for about 2% of Americans, including those that may be homosexual.

This manifests itself in events like what we are seeing now with Duck Dynasty and A&E.  A&E mistakenly believes a larger majority of people are offended than really are, and makes a rash decision.  It is my belief that they will eventually apologize to Phil and have him back on the show even if that decision is financial rather than moral.

Millions of Americans feel the same way Phil does.  We do not hate gays or lesbians.  Many, like myself, have family and friends that are gay;  we invite them to our homes, share dinner, stories, and laughs.  We love them, even though we may not agree with their lifestyle.  Like Phil, we leave it up to God to judge.

The bigger lesson here is the socialists still win and their agenda steams forward.  Who is going to take a public stance for Christianity and traditional American values if the result is losing your job and being publicly discredited?  Average Joe's and Jane's do not have successful reality shows with millions of fans, nor the money to mount a legal defense if we are unjustly treated.   So, we sit back and shut up, cowering in the fear of political correctness; remembering what happened to that bearded guy that hunted ducks when he spoke about God.

Eventually, the minority appears to be the majority, and the majority is too scared to fight back.  By the time the muster to fight back is awakened, it is too late.  By then, we will have lost the means to speak out or fight back against an all powerful State that has systematically suffocated the freedom to think any other way except how we are told to think.

I do not have any advice on how to change this.  Children are being taught PC from a very early age that we must accept all other cultures except Christianity and any other values except traditional American ones.  The Republic is in a precarious place.  One thing is for certain;  the current political winds empower this type of behavior and if there is any hope of changing it, we have to start in DC.

God Bless America.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Told You So

If you review the pages of The Patriot Byte, Obama was called  out for what he was back in 2008;  a Stalinist thug. The three major scandals that are finally getting attention are vindication for these efforts.

There are other forces at work here as we see the perfect storm of Benghazi, the AP scandal, and the IRS scandal.  Lest us not forget, the murder of Seal Team 6 shortly after Osama Bin Laden was killed;  this is perhaps the biggest scandal of all, but unrecognized and unreported in the media.

Could this be the undoing of the first American Communist president?  It is too early to tell, but it is safe to believe there are elements in the media and government that have coordinated their efforts to bring down Obama.  If the scandals above have reached the American people, you can be assured that their are even more sinister scandals that have not yet been exposed.

Socialism and Communism are inherently evil and the scandals above are clear indications of this.  The peoples spirit will not be crushed willingly;  first, you have to sell everything that is wrong (free handouts) as good, and then you have to crush your opposition.

If Obama is not brought down by these scandals, he will be emboldened;  then the country will see the true manifestation of evil from Obama.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Made in America

There will be alot of hand wringing in the coming months as we try to digest the horrific tragedy in CT. I have my own theories on what happened, but this blog post is not the place to discuss them. Instead, I want to remind Americans on some common sense steps they can take to protect themselves when they are in public in this crazy world we live in.

 -When entering a public place, always observe the entrances and exits and conjure up a quick plan on how you would get out if something bad happened. Do it a few times, and it becomes second nature.

 -When possible, do not sit in a restaurant or theater with your back to the door. Always have a clear view of the entire room when possible.

 -Mass shootings are usually over in seconds. Do not cower and wait for rescue. Run, fight, flee! It is extremely hard to hit a moving target. Your best chance to survive is to run. Teach your kids this. Do not teach them to cower and wait to be slaughtered. We have become a nation of sheep that have been conditioned to cower and wait to be rescued. This does not work.

 I am no expert and this is not professional advice. These are the common sense words of someone who loves this country and is tired of the death and destruction around us. God Bless this country.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Fight to be Free" or, why does the TSA have its hand down my pants?

Anyone that has lived in America longer than six months has heard the catchphrase: "America has fought to be free", or "We are at war to remain free." This elicits feelings of pride and joy to any red blooded American. Heck, even our Commander in Thief utters the phrases during weak moments!

My dad is a Vietnam Veteran that suffered two battle wounds during his tour, my Great Uncle was shot out of the sky in his B-17, and two of my nephews fought in Iraq. They suffered the horrors of war first hand in order to protect America from aggressors, as well as preserve freedom. I can speak for my dad at the very least; his version of Freedom that he was fighting for did not involve his children or wife being felt up by TSA agents.

In history, tyrannical governments have subjugated their citizens in many ways. The very definition of Tyranny is as follows: "cruelty and injustice in the exercise of power or authority over other others." I don't know about you, but I think that fits the TSA quite well. Why are they doing this? It is for one reason only; to get America conditioned for intrusive behavior at the hands of its government. After all, once you have had the TSA stick its hands down your pants, monitoring your private phone conversations or Internet habits seems like a walk in the park.

Everyone knows that to keep America free, we would just have to profile middle eastern men that fit a few parameters. That would keep us safe. This is not about safety.

In order to preserve the freedom and dignity our men in uniform fought for, we must resist this intrusion. Speak out at the airport in line; call your politicians; and best of all, do not fly unless absolutely needed. One of the worst tyrants in history, Adolf Hitler, once said the following: "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." Lets make sure America's soft tyrants, Obama and Napalitano, are stopped in their tracks.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Tail of Two Mutts - Roscoe vs. Obama

My Rottweiler understands the theory of protecting ones property. Between his cute, velvet ears and his pudgy face, there is a complex brain that through years of evolution understands the basic premise of self defense.

My Rott doesn't want to hurt anyone. He is like a big baby, who loves attention and treats. He does realize, however, that there are some bad people in the world that would not think twice about doing his family harm. Therefore, he has implemented a simple, yet effective protection plan that thus far has been very effective.

His first line of defense is a deep, loud bark. If someone he doesn't like comes too close to our yard, he barks and throws himself against the fence. His second line of defense, if you are stupid enough to get into our backyard, is a strong bite, sharp teeth, and the muscles to use them. Thankfully, his loud bark and size has been enough so far. If you happen to get in our backyard and survive Roscoe, his owner will be waiting with a large and menacing gun. A simple, yet effective security plan.

Unfortunately for America, Obama is not as smart as Roscoe. In attempt to denigrate and run down this once great nation, Obama announced today that he would not use nuclear weapons even if America was attacked first. Instead of being the big bad Rottweiler on the block, Obama again cowers in front of the world like a scared ferret. And once again, America's enemies are emboldened to try their dangerous shenanigans without fear of reprisal from the worst President in our history.

I was never one of those that though Obama was naive. I knew from day one he was out to destroy this great nation. What better way to punish America for its perceived sins than to weaken it to a mere shell of its once great self. A US consulate attacked in Pakistan; no response. Lob a nuke into the middle of New York; lets understand what we did to deserve this instead of striking back with great force.

Our nuclear program was once this great nations Rottweiler. We didn't want to use it, but by God, we would if we had to. Those days are gone, as long as Obama is in power. Our only hope now is that the next guy in charge can undo the serious damage already done.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009